dinsdag 1 juni 2021

vrijdag 16 april 2021

zondag 24 januari 2021

 A Quiet Smoke in the Evening

Terry Meltwater enjoys a few puffs of a rich blended Prince Albert.

donderdag 21 januari 2021

 Tribute to The Moon Man (Frederick Davis)

 Having recently read a "Moon Man" story by Frederick Davis, I thought I'd try a drawing of that rather remarkable hero.

vrijdag 13 november 2020

Cuthbert Peacock, Man of Action (albeit few to no arms...)



dinsdag 13 oktober 2020

Tomaat op je T-Shirt!

Bij de winkel The SainT in Leeuwarden zijn nu t-shirts van mij te bestellen! Wil je in stijl rondlopen in een spiksplinternieuw e Tomaat t-shirt of een van de andere afbeeldingen, klik snel op de link naar de wink:



donderdag 3 september 2020

Some Words of Weather Wisdom

"If the week starts with a shower of rain... then it will end on a Sunday".


zondag 9 augustus 2020

A Bit of Frisian Wisdom

Frisian is the second official language of the Netherlands and I thought it fun to use the many traditional Frisian sayings as the inspiration for a quick illustration. The original saying is, "Foar de kofje net eamelje", which translates (very) roughly as, "Don't bother me before I've had my morning coffee."

 I've gone one step further - "Ek nei de kofje, net eamelje" -  "And don't bother me after my coffee, either!"


woensdag 5 augustus 2020

A Tribute to Suske and Wiske
A bit of a tribute to Willy Vandersteen's "Suske and Wiske" characters, also known in English as "Spike and Suzie". Drawn in my own style, just for fun!