zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

Boy! That's Colourful!

This drawing didn't turn out as I would have liked - I think I could of done his face a little better, it seems a little out of balance. Maybe I should have reconsidered his hairstyle as well. Not sure, but something just seems a little off overall.   
So after inking and scanning, I like to take a picture like this and see what can be done with a little colour. And then I really try to only use a little. I've been working with a limited 64-colour pallet for the past four years or so, and have been really enjoying it. But with an illustration like this, it's fun to limit things even more - use maybe greys and perhaps one other tint, like the pinks in this one. Perhaps it helps tie things together a little better - and it's sometimes just nice to colour a face in with something other than "flesh-colour".

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