dinsdag 9 december 2014

The Neat Little World of Hywel Rhys
     YOUNG MISTER RHYS IS HAPPY - and what makes young mister Rhys so happy? Beer makes young mister Rhys so happy, as does his rather cheerful wave of "Hello!".
     Being neat and tidy also makes young Hywel a happy chap. "One can never begin too early with tidying-up, you know," he confided in me once, "and the results are worth their weight in soap and feather dusters."
     He's made it his habit to keep it all neat. He makes his bed while still lying in it, washes his plate while still eating ("take a bite and clean that portion, and you're done with the washing-up before you know it"), and his artistry during bowel movements is a thing of beauty. "Carefully wiping the crevice in a clock-wise direction after every inch or so - and at the end of it, you're left with practically no mess at all."

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