woensdag 1 oktober 2014

Jimmy Jimaroo - Electrical Fantasies Under a Hunter's Moon
     J. JIMAROO CHUCKLED AS HE FLEW over the rooftops and the elms in their autumn finery. "15 meters? That's too long, man! It'll tangle." That's what the salesman at the hardware had told him. "Why not try our 2.5 model? It's our biggest seller. No one really needs an extension chord any longer."
     But Jimaroo would not be put off. With disgust he left the shop and called in at the store on the other side of town. Again he met with reservations from the assistant when he asked for a 15 meter cord. "Why, that's monstrous!" said the clerk with a start, but eventually Jimaroo was sold his length of electrical insulated wiring.
     "Fine," the attendant had ultimately sighed, with surrender creeping into his voice. "Fine, take it. Suit yourself."
     And Jimaroo did, and was self-suited.

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