donderdag 17 juli 2014

Stump's Summer Stroll, Self-Propelled
When studying the artist's engraving of John Stump (below), the great flexibility of both wrists will at once be noted. The apparent surprise worn by the subject is also likely to be recognized by the astute observer, as well as the remarkable red shirt in which Mr. Stump is clad.
However, it is only through deductive reasoning and a thorough grasp of the local geography of Swingleton upon Barnmere, that the pupil can ascertain the exact location that this striking summer's walk has taken place. Assuming one is familiar with Barry's "Streets and Alley's of the Midlands - a Treatise in Macadam" (and who's volume remains un-thumbed..?) the solution will be perfectly obvious. For those who need perhaps a little push - it would be wise to refer to page 517 of the stated work, and note similarities between figures 9.17 to 9.23 and the image below.

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