zaterdag 12 juli 2014

Chapter Four: Ballads of Courtship and Seduction
Miss Isobel ó Cuinn, of the Mayo ó Cuinns, had had many suitors, as one might very well expect, given her comely appearance and good-naturedly disposition.  None of the fine young men, however, had met with the approval of the matron of the family, Mrs. Helene ó Cuinn (nee O'Connell), who had rather insisted that her daughter wed a man well suited to their own station in life and position in Dublin society. Both mother and daughter were one day happily surprised, if not thoroughly enchanted, when young master Riddell, of the noted London lineage of antiquity and celebration, came calling upon the young Irish maiden. 
"Daguerreotype of Miss ó Cuinn and Mister Riddell in their early days of courtship".

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