zondag 4 september 2011

...and Four Funnies More

This is the latest D.L. Steensma strip I made - but I am busy thinking of the next one already. The crude perspective in the last picture took me hours of trying things out... then I just used a grid anyway. Ah, 3-point perspective...

And this was the first "Tanja and Jan" comic I drew, sometime last April. I like the little guy, I think they give him too hard of a time, actually...

And while we are on the subject of sport, here's a couple more with a slightly "athletic" theme. Besides running and the World or European Cup, I'm not one for sports. But it always seems like it sneaks up in my comics in one way or another. In this little one I did for "Schokkend Nieuws", Tomato has to wrestle with Noah, in order to win one of his animals:

"The Sporters" is a strip I developed in which the main character (Dick Quick) is a terrible man. A mean, selfish bully who lives only to win at sports and be better than everyone else. Not one good thing about him - well, I suppose he is kind of fit from all that working-out and lifting wieghts and such. But rotten to the core.

His girlfriend and fiancé is Debbie Do, a much nicer person - but for some reason she stays with the guy and puts up with all his horrible ways. The humor is kind of "blunt", and several strips appeared in Zone 5300 last year.

zaterdag 3 september 2011

Four Funnies

Walking my dog in the rain one day, I tried to make up a couple of jokes for a new comic strip. I don't usually let the lack of an idea stop me... I mostly just make things up as I go along. But this time I wanted to do it "right" - so I set my brain a going... and came up with nothing.

Not too bothered, I kept on strolling, enjoying the late summer drizzle and started making up a little tune in my head about the stuff I saw. "Ah," I recall thinking, "this might actually be an idea - make up a little rhyme but don't set it to music - set it to pictures!"

So that's what I did. A sort of dirty limerick (which was pretty hard to translate once it once done, actually, but I think it still reads OK, I hope):

And now on to a few other pieces I made the past few months - ones for which I had no inspiration, other than the desire to get a few strips done..!

"Tanja and Jan" is a comic about a nice fellow (Jan) and his friend, Tanja. They are aspiring artists and hang around outside, sketching things all day. Besides drawing, they seem to like getting into arguments with people who pass by:

"Yellow" is a strip I made-up some years ago. It was for a second comic-contest, and I actually got another strip in a paper that way. Didn't win, but it was cool to be published.

I wanted something absurd like "Tomato", but less violent, more "funny". So I drew a guy wearing very simple clothes, bald with no first or last name. But the strip needed a name, of course. So "yellow" seemed pretty good. Then I thought, "Great, I'll color the guy in yellow - clothes, skin, everything - that ought to look pretty good!"

And I did like the first one - he was yellow and stood out very well. But by the time I was coloring in the second episode, I had a little trouble. As he was bright yellow, it was hard to come up with colors for the background that didn't clash and look really busy, kind of hard to create any atmosphere. So then I realized - a-ha! - keep calling it "Yellow", but color him in a different color each time. That would be even better!

"D. L. Steensma" is one of my favorite characters. He's fairly serious about stuff, but has no luck and people seem to dislike him. I tried to make him even more simple than the guy in "Yellow" - Steensma has hair, but only wears trousers and shoes (naked was maybe fun, too, gotta try that sometime..!).

Not much point to the strip, just makes me very happy doing it. And I do love coloring it in - using a limited palet of 64 colors (like old comics, I'm told), a few Deca-dry type grey-tones here and there - and then some old, dirty paper to top it all off. This one always makes me hungry for Chinese...

vrijdag 2 september 2011

Some fine fellows (and a girl)

Monsters, creeps and weirdos - ah, what fun those things are. As a kid I was obsessed with anything horrific or just plain odd. Adventure-type stuff was great, too - but anything with killer bees, blobs, giant insects, monsters, dinosaurs, gorillas or spiders - I just had to see, read or play with it.

And this obsession was actually somewhat useful - it forced my father to teach me how to tell the time one day. I was really little but could read enough to understand the tv guide, and noticed that there was a film on that evening about killer tarantulas (when you have this kind of obsession, the word "tarantula" is one of the first things you learn - and seeing it in print almost pops the eyes out of your head...). "Well," I thought, "when the hell is it going to be 8:30 at night so I can finally see this?!"

So I bothered my father about every ten minutes... "How long til it's on? How long? When's it going to be on?!!!"

My heart sank when he explained it. It must have been around 3 in the afternoon and he walked over to the clock. He said something like,"See, this is what time it is now. Three o' clock. The film starts at eight-thirty." With his finger he moved the hour hand foreward until it reached that wonderful moment when the movie (and the tarantula invasion) was to begin.

When he did it, it seemed pretty slow - but I understood what it meant. It would take even longer (forever, almost) for that damn thing to be on tv.

But we did watch it (eventually....) - my brothers, sisters, my father and me. And it was pretty scary - the tarantulas came in on an airplane carrying bananas, if I recall it correctly, and caused all sorts of problems. And til this day I am still on the look-out for those big hairy beasts everytime I buy a bunch. But alas.... it's just bananas.

Not as creepy as killer spiders, but a couple of weirdos who also enjoy a good horror film: