donderdag 15 januari 2015

Logarithms of the Heart
     A PIONEER IN THE FIELD OF post-war navigational mathematics, Montague Marsh's major work, "Seasonal Currents of the South Seas, Expressed in Algorithms" is now sadly forgotten by most. At the time of it's publication, it was a rather popular book - indeed so successful, that Marsh used the proceeds to establish his own publishing house, specializing in mathematics and sensational romances novels. 
     This rather odd combination proved confusing to the reading public and "Lurid Theorems Publishing" quickly dissolved. But Marsh left us with a few other noteworthy works, including, "The Discreet Function of Passion", "Love and it's Antiderivatives" and "Pointless Topography and Hot Love Kisses - Sober Set Erotica". The latter was eventually made into a short serialized radio play, staring Kenneth Moore as the voice of Horace Homomorphism.

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