woensdag 8 oktober 2014

Sandie El McHorowitz - The Man Who is Half Man, Half Nothing Else
THE RECURRING DREAM - while paging through the atlas on a chilly winter's eve, page 53 falls out and flutters to the floor. Stooping to retrieve it, I notice it depicts the main agricultural crops of the Baltic countries (sugar beets and onions seem to feature strongly).
On turning it over, I notice the other side is not from the atlas, but is an old school menu from 1983, detailing a week's meals for early October.
Curious, I turn it over again - only to find this queer drawing depicting the track-and-field athlete Sandie El McHorowitz training for the Barcelona Olympics.
In my dream I then awaken and - still dreaming - I go to the shelf and take down the atlas. To my alarm, every page has been crudely removed save page 53. It is blank but for one cryptic message scrawled in red (blood?), written with a childish hand near the lower left corner.
It reads, "Hey, this ain't much of an atlas, is it? Why not go buy a new one, you dumbo?"


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