dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

Josef Heroic Calligraphy Takes an Active Holiday
Here's a little riddle for all my readers - what's long and thin, made out of meat and swings limply in the breeze?
Why, it's none other than Josef Heroic Calligraphy taking a well-earned week off at one of Ibiza's many top-notch resorts. Enjoying the sun, surf and a little swingin' nightlife, Calligraphy is pictured at right getting in some light activity before luncheon on the veranda.
     "A short run on the swings sharpens my appetite. I'm planning on having the fried fish and some rice, maybe a little fresh fruit for afters. They do some really nice meatballs in tomato sauce too, might have a couple of those with some bread. Then I'm getting hammered on cocktails."

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