donderdag 14 augustus 2014

Slap Jack! The Romantic Fiction of Buncle J. Pissbed
     One of Scotland's most prolific post-war writers, Buncle is perhaps best known for his romantic novels featuring love and intrigue, and in which games and pastimes play a large role. His first work, "Bingo Buddies" (1950), became a bestseller within weeks of it's publication and was followed by other well-known titles - "L-O-V-E, a Double Word Score" (1952), "Parcheesi Chums" (1955), "The Pawns of Love" (1957) and "I Lost at Pinochle but Won at Love" (1959).
     Pissbed would later release a string of folk albums, the most successful being "A Bridge Table over Troubled Waters" and his novel "Play With Me" was filmed in the 70s and starred Peter Sellers and Helen Mirren.
Buncle J. Pissebed doing research for his novel, "The Soaring Kites of Passion", 1963

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